Customer Journeys. Distilled from your data.

What questions are you asking about your customers’ behavior? There are answers in your data — if you know how and where to look. We can help.

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Journeylytics: we empower marketers

We are a team of data scientists who have developed tools to efficiently analyze behavioral data — information about how your customers interact with your promotions, the time they spend on your website, which referral channels they use, and ultimately, how they come to a purchase — or not. In other words: we give you insights into your customer journeys — the real customer journeys that are hidden in your data.

Our analysis can quickly handle variables others can’t — things like time, and duration and intensity of interactions. We take thousands of pieces of data about thousands of customers and create meaningful segments that reveal what your customers are actually doing.

We illustrate these segments as customer personas, in a visual, interactive dashboard that helps you understand your customers’ behavior.
Let us lead you on a journey of discovery through the data to help answer the questions you’re asking. What motivates your customers to behave in a certain way? Where are the low points in your customer experience journey? There may be clues to these answers in your data — clues you’re missing because your analysis falls short.

We work to understand your objectives, evaluate the data, and empower you with meaningful insight to work your creative magic.

How we work

You don’t need an “algorithm”—you need to understand how your customers are behaving so you can better recognize opportunities, identify problems, and build measurable, successful marketing campaigns.
We can help you with that. (And, yes, we use algorithms. But let us worry about that part.)
We start by understanding your objectives and looking at the data you have. Based on your goals, we determine what data is useful to analyze. Rax, the scripting language we developed to address the challenges of finding meaning in behavioral data, is built to quickly test assumptions, helping you get the insight you need to act more quickly.
Too often, lack of analysis power and the absence of data science expertise leads marketers to focus on the wrong information and miss important details. The flexibility of Rax and our team’s data expertise will help challenge your assumptions and uncover hidden insight in the data.

Let our Expertise Inspire Your Creativity

Yes, we believe in the power of data—we believe the quantitative insights about the actions your customers take will help you overcome blind spots and ultimately deliver better on your business objectives.
But we know that data analysis will never replace good creative or even good instincts. Our process is all about helping you learn more about the customers you’re targeting; understanding more about what works and what doesn’t.
Many companies underutilize the data they have, doing basic internal “analysis” that essentially supports assumptions, or looking at each data source independent of the others. Make “big data” more than a buzz word in your organization. Make the big insights it yields it a powerful tool in your arsenal.
What are your objectives as you grow your business? Let’s start a conversation today about how we can help empower you to grow.

What are your objectives as you grow your business? Let’s start a conversation today about how we can help empower you to grow.

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